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  • Lawrence A. Wirth founded Skyline Manufacturing in 1953 based on three simple principles: Provide customers a quality product. Deliver when you say you will. And, perform your services at a fair price.
  • Here at Skyline, our goal is to study every last detail. The final product we deliver reflects a level of craftsmanship and refinement that keeps your own production process running smoothly, on schedule, with low maintenance.
  • Skyline's in-house equipment also includes four wire travel EDM machines that follow data generated from the CAD system to produce exact replacement details.
  • Skyline's CNC milling equipment produces details with computer-generated data drawn directly from the CAD process. With the entire project on-line, our engineers can flip back and forth between analysis and design - quickly checking the fine details without risking transitional error.
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Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • Quality Workmanship

    At Skyline, we've strategically invested in precision-driven machinery

    that speeds up the production process while increasing accuracy. Our CAM system guides manufacturing and helps optimize machine tool operation, tooling cost and tool life. It also predicts the cost and accuracy of replacement details, saving you time and expense, now and in the future.

  • Precision Tool and Die

    Serving the tooling needs of other manufacturers and suppliers

    in the new millennium requires much more than friendly service and technical know-how. Our business success depends a great deal on interactive teamwork and the ability to introduce new technologies effectively. Managing both of these factors well results in precision and perfection.

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Our Company

Lawrence Wirth Founder



Lawrence A. Wirth founded Skyline Manufacturing in 1953 based on three simple principles:


  • Provide customers a quality product.
  • Deliver when you say you will. 
  • And, perform your services at a fair price. 

Today, more than fifty years and three generations later, Wirth's business values thrive under the leadership of his son - Larry, president of Skyline, and - and two grandsons, Tim, vice president and Tony, vice president. 

Only now, the Wirth family's livelihood centers not only on producing precision tooling, but also redefining quality, timeliness and value to meet ever-higher standards - their customers.

To him, that QUALITY-PRODUCT-ON-TIME-DELIVERY-FAIR-PRICE thing was a matter of business principle, plain and simple. Growing up through the years, ALL THREE OF US HEARD it, ATE itSLEPT it, BREATHED it, and most DEFINITELY WORKED it. Funny how something you've been engrained with forever suddenly becomes crystal clear when YOU'RE the one running THE SHOW.

We never questioned those three principles. But saying them and delivering them are two different things. Some companies throw around the terms quality and service because they're the catch-words of the day. For us, those words mean a lot more because we've analyzed for years what they really mean to our customers, and, in turn, what they mean to us.

That's why we're always looking for new ways to involve technology that consistently produce the best precision tooling, priced competitively and delivered when the customer wants it.

Our experienced engineers and craftsmen make this goal a reality. Many of them have been with Skyline for twenty five years or more. Our management system gives every player an important say-so, from design and engineering through manufacturing and inspection. Our people communicate well and demand excellence from each other, and it shows in the final product.

In short, your tool and die vendor can talk shop all day about innovative management and hot technology - but it doesn't mean a thing if the price is out of line or your deadline can't be met. At Skyline, your deadlines are our deadlines. We make a quality product. On time. Priced right.

Give us your business. Let us prove it.